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TonePros gold barrel, chrome top studs. Large cap (L) and standard cap (R). Available in metric & standard threading

Studs—Which One?

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TonePros locking studs provide 100% of the contact area of the bottom flange, 100% of the contact area of the stud top, no lean, and components that are completely locked solid to the guitar body.

There are a few considerations when choosing a TonePros stud upgrade. Material, whether brass or vintage steel, large cap for PRS style or standard cap for your vintage instrument, and both metric and standard thread options.

Pictured left is the the TonePros MSPRS gold-barrel locking studs with larger, PRS-sized top is designed for metric and import wraparound guitars. Whereas, pictured right is our standard cap version. All our studs are an instant install with proper setup.