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LPM04. in chrome, US Nashville standard thread with notched saddles

LPM04 Bridge & Tailpiece Set

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Upgrade your bridge and stop tailpiece with TonePros. One of the electric guitar’s easiest upgrades, TonePros’ locking functionality instantly improves any stock bridge system. For most guitars, it’s a drop-in replacement. The TonePros LPM04 Set includes the TonePros T3BP bridge that is designed for US standard,“Nashville” style guitars made in the United States. Includes notched saddles for instant installation.

What’s the easiest, most simple way to improve any electric guitar? Upgrading to top-quality hardware! Increasing sustain and improving tuning stability, TonePros’ patented locking functionality makes guitars come alive with rich, vibrant harmonics, transferring more resonance from strings to hardware to guitar, causing superior overall tone. Simply put, TonePros’ locking hardware makes the entire guitar ring as one solid piece.

Includes the TonePros T3BP Tune-o-matic Bridge and T1Z Stop Tailpiece, posts, studs, and bushings.